We specialize in custom machine engineering production. We manufacture based on drawing documentation provided by the customer. We are experts in machining of weldments, cut shapes and industrial castings on machine tools. We also renovate working parts of worn machinery and components including welding-on of renovated surfaces. All structural steels are machined with accuracy of hundredths of millimetre. Each workpiece is subject to strict final inspection before shipment in order to minimize the customer claims. We use only certified measuring instruments which are subject to periodical service and metrological calibration. The same care is devoted to our machines so that we are continuously able to achieve the specified accuracy of our workpieces.



We apply CNC table horizontal boring machines and three-axis CNC machining centre. The machining shop is provided with thermal insulation and heating system and equipped with overhead travelling crane with 5.000 and 3.200 kg lifting capacity.

 Machine Fleet



Style BT-1500E








CNC horizontal boring machines

Machine type Table clamping area


Movement range in axes (mm)

Spindle extension W Table bearing capacity
  (mm) X Y Z (mm) (kg)
TOS Varnsdorf WHN13CNC 2.500 x 1.800 3.500 2.000 1.250 800 12.000
Fermat    WHN13.8CNC 2.500 x 1.800 3.500 2.000 1.250 800 12.000
Fermat                 WFT11CNC 1.800 x 1.400 3.000 2.000 1.250 700 8.000

CNC machining centre

Machine type Table clamping area Movement range in axes (mm) Maximum workpiece height Table bearing capacity
  (mm) X Y Z (mm) (kg)
STYLE BT1500E 500 x 1.850 1.500 650 600 400 1.300


Other Manufacturing Capacities

RM KOVO industrial premises include facilities of our partners specializing in various fields enabling us to utilize welding capacities for our production of both black and stainless materials, provide certified welding supervision and assemble machine components and units. The production is thus centralized in a single area expediting the fabrication and minimizing the logistic costs.

Our broad cooperation with reliable business partners enable us to provide also shot blasting, annealing, various surface treatment types, etc. The company is also engaged in sales of metallurgical materials in a limited extent.