Huisman Konstrukce, s.r.o. – components for mining industry, crane equipment

De Ruijter STM BV – machine components

TECHNOMONT Frýdek-Místek, s.r.o. – machine components and accessories

SE-MI Engineering, s.r.o. – gearboxes, winches for shipbuilding industry

SE-MI Technology a.s. – industrial machine components

FERRAM STROJÍRNA a.s. – industrial machine components

VÍTKOVICKÉ SLÉVÁRNY, s.r.o. – cable winch drums, bearing houses, glands, gearboxes

VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s. – ship balancer boogies

VÍTKOVICE GEARVORKS a.s. – rockers, bearing houses 

ARMATURY Group a.s. – bearing houses for ball valves

OSTROJ, a.s. – foundation frames for powered mine supports

ABB, s.r.o. – pump support frames

WITKOWITZ SLOVAKIA a.s. –  ensembles of stable baskets